How Many Countries Are There?

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I know! I know! there's 193! But wait, where did that figure come from? No, wait, it's 204! Or maybe not... It all depends on how one defines a country, and moreover, who does the defining. Some would defer to the United Nations, but not every place takes the U.N. as an authority ablout anything.

There are countries that don't have a functioning government at all, but that can be temporary. Vatican City is totally within Rome and uses Italian services. Yet it is a country, whereas other places like it are not. The Dutch Antilles? Sealand? Palestine? That's a whole other can of worms! It's not simple at all, as C.G.P. Grey explains in this video. -via Viral Viral Videos

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Not forgetting the UK, which is a country and also a country OF countries (4 of them). The UK also contains Great Britain (which is a group of 3 of the 4 countries). At the Olympics we are Team GB (England, Scotland and Wales compete together) but when we're the UK we include Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland isn't part of Great Britain (UK = United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland), but if you come from Northern Ireland you are still regarded as British, possibly because there is no way to describe someone as being of UK origin (UKish or UKian or even Unikin (I think I just made that one up), are not words). I hope that's cleared a few things up :)
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"How Many Countries Are There?"

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