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I've seen one played by The Waverly Consort at a local show of medieval music. Very cool.

Don't forget Hurdy Gurdy Man by Donovan, which, obviously, employed a hurdy gurdy.
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That surprises me; I think the only con to liquid is that it's generally more expensive than powder. Of course, you have to remember to use liquid that is made specifically for automatic dishwashers, NOT just the liquid detergent that you use when washing dishes by hand.
I use the Kirkland brand that is made for Costco, which is a pretty good price and does not require the addition of a rinse agent.
When I first moved into my house a year ago, the dishwasher was a mess from the prior owner using a powder. As I used my liquid, I could see the interior getting cleaner and cleaner on a daily basis, until all the film and deposits were totally gone within a couple of months.
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Well, I just cooked chicken feet last night, along with the chicken that I killed, plucked, and eviscerated last week, so that one didn't seem weird to me. I've had natto before and thought it tasted pretty gross, like something that had been forgotten in the fridge for a month or two.
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