Ten Things You Might Be Doing Wrong Every Day

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Previously at Neatorama, there has been talk (and even song) about how to load a dishwasher. The people at Lifehacks put together a list that tells us things we might be doing wrong on a daily basis, and number four is loading a dishwasher. Their demonstration of the "right way" is this video by Chow.

Personally, I think it would kill me to load in dishes that dirty without pre-rinsing. I'm not certain that my dishwasher would get all of that mess off my dishes, which the video assures me is wrong. Maybe I'll do an experiment around that premise... or maybe not. Time will tell. 

But regardless of my dishwasher babble, check out the other nine things you might be doing wrong on a daily basis and let me know what you think of their list. Via Unique Daily.  

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That surprises me; I think the only con to liquid is that it's generally more expensive than powder. Of course, you have to remember to use liquid that is made specifically for automatic dishwashers, NOT just the liquid detergent that you use when washing dishes by hand.
I use the Kirkland brand that is made for Costco, which is a pretty good price and does not require the addition of a rinse agent.
When I first moved into my house a year ago, the dishwasher was a mess from the prior owner using a powder. As I used my liquid, I could see the interior getting cleaner and cleaner on a daily basis, until all the film and deposits were totally gone within a couple of months.
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Naomi, you are the first person I have ever seen recommending liquid soap. Not only has my experience been the opposite of yours, multiple forums recommend against liquids. They must be formulated for whatever type of water flows through your pipes.

Me? I use whatever pre-measured packets are the cheapest along with plenty of rinse agent. If the dishes are especially gnarly, TSP in the prewash.
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My tip is to always use liquid soap, never powdered. After a few dozen washes, the powder ruins the shiny finish on your dishes and glasses, and also gums up the dishwasher itself.
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