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I so wanted to like these movies, I so wanted them to be good, and I'm so disappointed that EVERYTHING in these movies is turned up so far past 11 that it just seems to ruin them. So much wasted potential. Mind you, I will see this one, too, but the trailer just seems to show more more more of the same same same. Peter Jackson has turned into the worst aspects of what George Lucas has become. It makes me sad.
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That's the portal from the Oscar winning Jean Claude Van Damn movie, "Time Cop 8", where budgets are cut so far that the time agents are put into a cannon to give them a running start and fired. They hit the ground running and jog back in time. He went back in time to prevent Ingmar Bergman from making his worst film "The Penguin", which would have lead to a world where Chihuahuas ruled the world. He was successful, mostly. I'm surprised you don't remember it. Wait. This might be the wrong dimension. Never mind.
No Face in Large, please. Thank you.
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Keeping wild animals, especially big cats, as "pets" is an exceptionally cruel thing to do. You cannot ever give them enough room or stimulation, and they become neurotic, and sometimes dangerous. There are thousands of captive tigers and lions in the United States, in private homes, and most of them are in miserable shape. Get a dog from rescue if you want a pet that needs you, and will (probably) never attempt to kill and eat you.
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