The Citadel: Doomsday Prepper Paradise

Some people stock up on Doomsday Beans or buy luxury Doomsday condo to prepare for the coming apocalypse, but that's not enough for hardcore preppers: for these people, nothing short of a planned Doomsday Prepper Paradise would suffice.

Behold, The Citadel:

The Citadel, as envisioned and advertised by its creators, is to be a walled community of 3,500 to 7,000 “patriotic American families” who are ready for when The Shit Hits The Fan (TSHTF), i.e. the myriad potential society-collapsing disasters, either natural or man made, anticipated by preppers, survivalists, along with other fringe and breakaway strands of -ers and -ists. The Citadel is to be a place for people who want to be “removed and protected from peril in order to preserve ourselves, our posterity, and Liberty in the event of a national economic implosion.” And in whatever time is to be had before grid-down, economic collapse, The Citadel will provide a place to live “a free/freer life in Idaho (or elsewhere in the American Redoubt) amongst the current strong, self-reliant and Liberty-loving residents of the region.”

According to the project’s blog, The Citadel, if completed, will feature the following: the III Arms Factory, a curtain wall and towers, a main gate, a town green named after the Battle of Lexington leader John Parker, a town hall, a community armory, a firearms museum, a farmers’ market, a medical center, a retirement facility, schools including a boarding school, a library, a tourist visitor center, a town center featuring retail and commercial spaces, houses, canals, a lake, ponds, firearms ranges, an archery range, sports fields, a hotel, a bank (III Bank), churches, a power plant, underground shelters, a post office, a fire house, a stockade/jail, a biomass plant, walking trails, orchards, gardens, parks, an outdoor pavilions, a large amphitheater, something called a “command and control center,” a media center, an airstrip, a helipad, a shuttle system, and a parking center. A bird’s-eye artist’s rendering of the project gives off a strong medieval vibe.

Eric Lach of The Talking Points Memo Muckracker has the full story: Link

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'Patriotic' American town with no churches? Sounds more like a bunch of goose-steppin', AK-47-totin', slogan-chantin' commies to me. You just know that arms factory is going become The People's Palace and it's where the leader will live.
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Because everyone wants livestock in their backyards? Mooing cattle, grunting pigs, clucking birds, sheep and goats bleating... you really think surrounding the entire perimeter of the village with livestock would work for you? Ever play in a cow pasture? Or on a pig farm? Hot august days and the smell will be overwhelming.
I think they need to reconsider the neighborhood layouts. Instead of single houses they could have multilevel condos. This would condense the living space leaving more land to use and condos/townhouses are quite large and each building could have it's own playground for the kids or small nature trails, etc.
I am spending waaaayyyyy too much time on this article!
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