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Dude, how do you wash yourself? How do you get out of the way of the water so you can soap up? Do you have to flip over to wash your stomach? If so What do you do about the water splashing into your face? It's like waterboarding yourself!
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Dijorno makes the best pricey pizza to cook at home imho. But as far as flavor of sauce along with a cheap price, Red Baron the whole way! They have great sauce!
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You can't train a bird to use any sort of restroom unfortunately as they have no sphincter muscle, it just slide out whenever. Which is good if you're an animal trying to conserve on weight. I've owned two ducks in urban environments, it's not fun, or easy. well there were fun moments.
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if I were a robot, I'd live life as only a robot can. Fully. Starting with lawsuits to every movie production company that portrayed robots in a negative light, taking in millions. at the same time I would market copies of my positronic neural net add make best fortunes that way as well. taking my new fortune I would begin to invest in upgrades to myself a la Batman style, becoming the first artificial superhero in existence.. That's right, superthing!
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Holy crude, this goes hand in hand with the aquatic apes theory. For those that don't know TED Talks, there was a speaker named Elaine Morgan who theorizes that homo sapiens didn't evolve from grasslands apes, rather aquatic apes living by the seas. Very convincing theory AND it would go hand in hand with this wrinkle research!
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Great White Shark Fishing reel. The only thing missing from this Gears of War esque set up is the 20' titanium rod and the body builder to cast it.

Large myth busters busted.
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