Questions In Need of Answers - No. 3

It's time for another Questions In Need of Answers. Rather than Google for these answers, we put them to the neatoramanaut community. Because you guys are way smarter than Google's algorithms...

1. Our family recently inherited an Xbox. Much rejoicing! Problem is: Playing Xbox with a human 1/7th your age and 1/3 your size is hard. It's hard to find games we both like, we can both play, and it's especially hard to find kinect games that work for two people of such drastically different heights/sizes. Soooo, my question is: What are some games we should try that adult and 6-year-old could possibly play together, using kinect or controllers? 

2. I'm tired of bad frozen pizza, which seems to be all we ever come home with. In your opinion(s), what's the best frozen pizza out there? Help!

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If you are looking for something quick for one person you have to try the Red Baron Feasts For One. The first microwave pizza that I thought was really good. Unfortunately they are sometimes difficult to find in my area.

For full size oven pizza, I used to love DiGiorno, but they have changed it enough over the years that I'm not really a fan any more.
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1. I got Kinect Party when my son was 6 and if you can let yourself go and be silly it is fun to play. We also have Kinect sports, where you can take turns doing something like bowling. Both of those use the sensor. Using controllers, my son likes Angry Birds (but he likes Angry Birds everything so this is no surprise).

2. Trader Joe's makes a good deep dish pepperoni pizza. My only suggestion for cooking is to remove the pepperoni for the first 10 minutes of baking time, unless you like extremely crispy pepperoni. My kids like Amy's Organic cheese pizza, but one of them also thinks McDonalds has the best food in the entire world, so not sure this opinion is trustworthy (I myself like McDonalds, but I do not think it is the best food in the entire world).
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