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If this is the kind of father he's been to them throughout their lives, I can see the reason they grew up as they did. His attitude is the typical 'when I was young we did things this way and we were better than you' garbage.

At some point everyone makes a mess of their lives, to a greater or lesser degree. EVERYONE. Sometimes things just happen to push you off track. Sometimes you realise you don't like the path you're on and decide to make a detour. We all make bad choices, some more than others. That's life.

I don't see the father coming up with any advice for his 'disappointing' children. His 'don't speak to us until you're better people' attitude is not helpful, it's a simple threat, no more than that. Where's the unconditional love for your children in his words? 'Come back when you're better people' is not tough love, it's not love at all.

Maybe the kids aren't fulfilling their potential, but who is to say what that potential is? They live their own lives, and they can live them as they want. Most people do okay in the end. Doing okay should be enough for a parent - not everyone can get to the top of the tree. Not everyone wants to be there.

If the man's kids are in a bad place I hope it works out for them, but perhaps what they need is advice and guidance, not a closed door from a father whose disappointment, and the way it's expressed, speaks volumes about the kind of man he is.
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You couldn't just let it go, could you?
Obviously, her intent wasn't to suggest anything but evolution, and we often use the phrase "designed" without necessarily implying a master designer. Your fanaticism is misplaced.
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