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Fair enough, it was merely the way you put it that made you sound like a fan of the USSR.
I understand your view point, but I still think this experience offers an important history lesson about the soviets, even if it is not telling the whole story at once.

Also, please recognize that not everyone who disagrees with you on the internet is a male.
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Uh oh, there's a politico crazy here.

Moo, I think free education and health care would be fantastic. They are in fact, great examples of the flaws with the current US system.

I think you are the one with a black and white world view however if all you see of Soviet Russia is rainbows and happy citizens singing and holding hands. Many, many people in soviet Russia were miserable and starving to death. Many, many people there were sent to gulags for no good reason whatsoever.

I'm sure if the US collapsed, there would quickly be a museum built showing all the horrors our country has taken part in, between internment camps, slavery, eugenics and more, we've had a very dark history.

Just because someone finds major flaws in the Soviet Union doesn't mean their a hillbilly who sits and waves their American flag all day.
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