54 Odd-ball Christmas Ornaments

Looking for the perfect ornament to truly express yourself this Christmas? You may still have time to grab one of these 54 seriously weird ornaments. You gotta love the sexy snowmen.


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Wow. While Jill Harness pretty much covered it, I would like to add this.

Just because you find a fetus creepy, or call it by its proper name, doesn't mean that you are guilty of anything, having abortions, or otherwise hate children and have a need to dehumanize a fetus. Quite frankly, I find most dolls creepy and never actually played with them as a kid. A fetus doll, particularly a heavily armed one, is as appealing to me as a ... actually, I can't think of anything less appealing.

In addition, hanging unborn children on your tree seems more Hannibal Lector than it does...whatever you think it means.

I certainly don't need your prayers, AnUnSi, since that is nothing I believe in, but if it makes you feel better, or somehow eases whatever guilt you might be carrying around, have at it, though in this, I am in agreement with Arden in that it is rather offensive to even say that, as though you, AnUnSi, are morally superior because you would decorate your house with models of things that are not supposed to be outside the womb. In fact, that just doubles the creepy factor.
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lol @ AnUnSi

Why do people like that always feel a need to inform us of their (dubious) intention to pray for us? How ridiculous, and if you think about it, offensive.
This "praying" would basically be nothing more than asking that we stopped being open minded and thinking for ourselves and just switched to THEIR mentality.
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"Foetuses are cute & precious, but, like internal organs, are ordinarily hidden out-of-sight. Despite my own scientific curiosity and fascination with the workings of the body, if I were to see a real foetus out-of-context, it would be as unsettling as finding a lung on the living-room floor."
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