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You are right. Most of this is just plain False. Most lists like this about fast food are false. The last one I saw said Papa John's garlic butter was all trans-fat... which is exactly the opposite of true. And it's also a bit foolish to assume that someone who has worked at a McDonalds for a summer has an expert level understanding of food safety...
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Worth it. A single book is just a print... There was some money lost there, but not a terrible amount. That lesson would definitely be worth the loss.
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Alternative: Cardboard (or whatever) rings in the pan, pasted and sealed to the bottom of the pan with creamcheese. Pull them out just before, or during baking.
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Rice does pretty good. Keeps long, cheap, high in calories.
I'm told canned meats last a long time, but they're heavy, and salty.
Potassium iodide can sanitize water if you're willing to suffer the awful taste. And hey! Bonus nuclear fallout radiation protection for you thyroid. Vitamin C can help with the taste, double bonus!
I'd put multivitamins in my apocalypse kit, but I haven't looked into how long they're really good for... easily thrice their expiration date which is already many years. Vitamin deficiencies can become big problems with limited food varieties. Multivitamins aren't ideal, but they can suffice.
Powdered milk lasts quite a while. Yeast does too, but not flour so much.
Lab-grade ethanol is cheap (~$10/gal. for 90%), lasts forever, makes a good sanitizer, and it'll getcha obliterated in a pinch if you're so inclined.
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I prefer my answer: your eye(s), which both run and "swim" with tears, sleep in rest, and are said to "grow" wide in wonder. Though you may not see your eyes every day, you could say the same of your legs to some extent.
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Nope Dave, the books are upright, bindings facing you. Page 1 of the left book is on the right side of that book. The last page of the right book is on the left side of that book, so those books' pages are not eaten through.
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