Questions In Need of Answers - No. 4 - What Foods Have the Longest Shelf Lives?

I recently tweeted over on our Twitter account how honey is the only food that, if left as is, won't ever spoil. Let's pretend my wife and I were building a space in the garage to prepare for the apocalypse. (Just pretending, of course.) My question this week is:

1) What other foods do you have on your shelves that last a long time? What do you recommend we stock up on?

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Typically honey contains the botulinum toxin. This is why you can't feed it to infants or the otherwise immuno-compromized. That being said, honey has been used for ages as a wound care agent, probably the most recent large scale applications would have occurred during WWI. There have been several noteworthy clinical trials whose outcomes have confirmed the benefits that honey can play in wound care.
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Powdered Peanut Butter. Comes in 2 flavors, regular and chocolate. Just add water to the powdered portion you want to eat. Lasts indefinitely.
My dad was a Master Beekeeper and this is what he did with honey. Honey will crystallize but you can easily re-liquify it by placing the glass jar on a cookie sheet and put it in the oven at the lowest temperature an oven will go - somewhere between 150 and 200 degrees until liquid again (3-4 hrs). Or liquify it in the jar in a pan of hot water. It will take a while because you need to keep reheating the water. Don't boil the honey.
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