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I can attest to the sscat's effectiveness. It seems the neighborhood kittehs were using my greenhouse as their personal rest room. Summer days, I have to leave the door open or it gets too hot in there. Toasty cat poops can get rather - aromatic, shall we say?? I bought the ssscat, put it inside the greenhouse and aimed it at the doorway. Scared the p*ss out of myself the first couple of times I walked past it! But I'm pleased to say that my greenhouse is no longer a kitteh-toilet!
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It's a NunchKen, an early attempt at hybridizing Ninja weaponry. This is a cross between a shuriken and nunchuck. Sadly, it lacked the aerodynamics to discretely slay one's victim. It merely gave concussions when the ball-end bounced off of the target's head.

When World's Collide. Men's 3X
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Fascinating article. I'm a Bay Area Native and never even knew that this treasure existed! Now I've signed-up to learn more about it.

Thanks for bringing it to our attention :-)
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