Cookeville Police Department Website Is A Thing Of Beauty

image via The Sentinel

Sometimes, the best thing about the interwebz is when you just kind of come across some website that just feels incredibly out-of-place to you. A website that seems to not really understand what it is selling or promoting. A website that feels like it came right out of 1996 and somehow landed back in your computer, almost 20 years later. Today, for me, that site is:


First and foremost, it is clear they take what they do at the Cookeville Police very seriously. You know how you can tell? The way the website has flashes of lightning around the name. Heck, even that photo on the main page says: We are not playing any games (even though the site totally looks like it would totally be a load screen for some lame action game).

Keep in mind, we say this with no disrespect for the police force in mention. We tip our hats to what they do. It takes courage and bravery to choose that line of work and we commend you all for it.

But your webmaster on the other hand? Um, not so much. 

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"Cookeville Police Department Website Is A Thing Of Beauty"

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