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An early collaborative effort between Doctors Ivan Pavlov and Victor Frankenstein to develop a cognitive training device to hone the monster's tactile dexterity skills. It started out as a selection game where pressing the correct button would provide a tasty peanut reward, and the wrong button would deliver a memorable shock.

Frankenstein's monster never could grasp the concept and, in frustration, he grabbed a heavy mallet and bashed it to smithereens. This is the last remaining example of the game which later morphed into what we now know as Whack-A-Mole.

When Worlds Collide - Men's 3X
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Foot fetish day? :-D

I was originally thinking "Choose your favorite Fuzzy-Friend" but you've got lots of other slippers and socks to choose from, too... So yeah, Foot Fetish Day!
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Yay!!! I was right! :-)

Mom had one of these for whenever she'd go on one of her "Diets" (which was the not-so-secret-code-word for "Run! Hide! Save yourself!!!")

So yeah, WAY cool that I recognized it! I knew that following Neatorama would pay-off at some point, right?!! :-D
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Ooh! I know!!! I know!!!

It's a section-separator thingie for when you're preparing half-a-grapefruit to eat for breakfast.

Prize: Does it have to be a T-Shirt? 'Cuz I am digging those Elmo Texting Gloves :-D

Or Mayan Apocalypse T in 2XL
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Not to sound glib (although I know that it does), I kinda miss the days when they'd medicate the moms with Valium - rather than pump the kids full of questionable pharmaceuticals to keep them "in-line."

I was of the "Mom's popping her Valium" Generation, and - yes - I was a "hyperactive" kid. Truth be told: I was BORED.

About midway through Elementary School, I ended up being designated ("diagnosed?!") as "Gifted." This was actually back in the early years of "Gifted Programs." Actually, this was BEFORE accelerated, self-study Gifted Programs existed in my school district. Once I was placed in an environment where I had the Freedom to Choose what I wanted to learn, I began to excel, academically. That NEVER would have happened - had I been doped-up on Ritalin or Adderal (or what-EVER).

Side story: A Good Friend of mine has a son who would love nothing more than to follow in his father's footsteps and join the Military. He's a very bright kid (well, Young Man, now). Extremely intelligent and articulate - but I believe he had a legitimate learning disability: Dyslexia. Well, he got lumped-in with the ADHD Crowd and was on Ritalin during most of his school years.

This is just conjecture on my part, but I think the Ritalin pretty-much eliminated his "problem child status" and forced him to conform, so he made it through school and, ultimately, got his GED.

Now, when he applies to the recruiters, NONE of the branches of the military will take him because he has a history of having been on a "Psychotropic Medication!"

True story!

Don't get me wrong... I don't deny that there ARE kids out there with legitimate ADHD issues, but I think there is a tendency to paint FAR too many kids with (cough-cough) "behavioral issues" with a far-too-broad "ADHD Brush."

But "Better Living through Chemistry" is NOT always the answer!

Just my $0.02... Keep the change!
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