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Snuff goes way back though. Here's a bit on the history of snuff from Wikipedia:

By the 1600s some started to object to snuff being taken. Pope Urban VIII threatened to excommunicate snufftakers, and in Russia in 1643, Tsar Michael set the punishment of removal of the nose for snuff use. However, there were still some fans; King Louis XIII of France was a devout snufftaker, and by 1638, snuff use had been reported to be spreading in China.
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"so, was proctology invented before or after anesthesiology?"

Long, long before. Anesthesiology came along in the nineteenth century with the invention of ether.
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The "greyhound" translation is an artifact of the time and place the Kin James Version was put together (sixteenth century England). Most other translations give "a strutting rooster." The translators probably didn't like the idea of comparing a king with a rooster (seeing as how they were in the pay of King James I)
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Well, that's a matter of taste. It's a form of tone production that's been around for centuries in the East (particularly Mongolia, Tibet) and is also practiced among the Inuit (so it apparently came across the Bering Straits with them from Siberia). Even for people who don't like the way it sounds -- and lots of Westerners can't appreciate Eastern music -- it has historical and cultural interest, and musical interest as well for people who are interested in the production of overtones.
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Xana32, try not to focus on the low sounds he's making. If you listen to them too closely, you'll miss the higher-pitched flute-like sound that kind of hovers above them. It helps to close your eyes.
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