"Amazing Grace" with Overtones

In this video, a singer uses an overtone technique -- similar to Tuvan throat singing -- to produce a lovely rendition of "Amazing Grace." If you are not used to listening to overtone singing, listen for the high-pitched flutey sound that is created OVER the sound that he's making with his mouth. Don't focus so much on what he's doing that you miss the actual overtones. You might need to close your eyes.

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My 2 month old son can make two distinct sounds come out of his throat when he's upset....sounds like he's possessed. He also sleeps with his eyes open and all you see are the whites. Creepy. :D
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Ok, I'm back from the youtube trip- that is so totally amazing. I think, like it or not, I'm going to have to try to do it... but I'm going to wait till I'm alone in the woods somewhere... lol
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Well, that's a matter of taste. It's a form of tone production that's been around for centuries in the East (particularly Mongolia, Tibet) and is also practiced among the Inuit (so it apparently came across the Bering Straits with them from Siberia). Even for people who don't like the way it sounds -- and lots of Westerners can't appreciate Eastern music -- it has historical and cultural interest, and musical interest as well for people who are interested in the production of overtones.
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""Amazing Grace" with Overtones"

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