Trivia: Greyhound, the Biblical Dog

Dogs are mentioned in the Bible 14 times. Cat isn't mentioned at all.

The only dog mentioned by breed in the Bible is the greyhound:

There be three things which go well, yea,
Which are comely in going;
A lion, which is strongest among beasts and
Turneth not away from any;
A greyhound;
A he-goat also. (Proverbs 30:29-31, King James Version)

In the Bible, dogs are considered ill-tempered scavengers that are tolerated, but not loved. (Source) (Photo: Neurodoc [wikipedia])

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In the Middle Ages there was a Saints' Cult devoted to a greyhound - based on that urban myth about a dog killing a snake, the master thinking the snake's blood is his child's and killing the dog, then feeling bad when he realise the dog saved the child instead of hurting it.
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French translation gives a horse. In fact the original text mentions something like "animal with solidly built small of the back" without giving an actual name of an animal. The feel of speed can be understood as well. Translators thought it could be a horse, or a greyhound. Since dogs are not spoken in good terms, except sheperd dogs, I guess the French translators chose a horse.

And they're right : horses are faster...
...or are they?
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