Trivia: Greyhound, the Biblical Dog

Dogs are mentioned in the Bible 14 times. Cat isn't mentioned at all.

The only dog mentioned by breed in the Bible is the greyhound:

There be three things which go well, yea,
Which are comely in going;
A lion, which is strongest among beasts and
Turneth not away from any;
A greyhound;
A he-goat also. (Proverbs 30:29-31, King James Version)

In the Bible, dogs are considered ill-tempered scavengers that are tolerated, but not loved. (Source) (Photo: Neurodoc [wikipedia])

The "greyhound" translation is an artifact of the time and place the Kin James Version was put together (sixteenth century England). Most other translations give "a strutting rooster." The translators probably didn't like the idea of comparing a king with a rooster (seeing as how they were in the pay of King James I)
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I wonder if greyhound is a modern word translated for King James Version. At the time that the Proverbs were said to be written I think the Saluki would have been the breed of choice, from which the greyhound is descended. I could be wrong though...
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Yeah for greyhounds! The sweetest, gentlest, goofiest couch potatoes you'll ever meet! 30,000 of these racers are put to death after their owners feel they are no longer useful (i.e., "winning")... thank goodness for greyhound rescue groups!
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Greyhound racing?! That's the silliest thing I ever heard of. I mean HORSE racing is bad enough, but Greyhound racing? Come on, quit pulling my leg. I mean how small would the jockeys have to be to sit on a Greyhound? Imagine the tiny saddles. Get real.
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The above posters are right, it would not have been greyhound in the original text. Generally speaking the only dog breed of the period for comparison would have been the saluki. Though these would not have been exceptionally common. Most individuals would have been familiar with the common pariah dogs.
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Biblical references to lions are irrelevant to this thread, Sean. The original post intended to say that common housecats are not mentioned in the Bible.

The reason for this (I believe) is that the pagan Egyptians of the biblical era (stupidly) regarded cats as sacred. I think that they even had a cat god or goddess. God's "chosen people" -- the Hebrews/Jews, and the "new Israel" (the Church that Jesus founded) -- wisely avoided speaking positively of things Egyptian. Egypt was the land of slavery, idolatry, and sin.
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French translation gives a horse. In fact the original text mentions something like "animal with solidly built small of the back" without giving an actual name of an animal. The feel of speed can be understood as well. Translators thought it could be a horse, or a greyhound. Since dogs are not spoken in good terms, except sheperd dogs, I guess the French translators chose a horse.

And they're right : horses are faster...
...or are they?
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In the Middle Ages there was a Saints' Cult devoted to a greyhound - based on that urban myth about a dog killing a snake, the master thinking the snake's blood is his child's and killing the dog, then feeling bad when he realise the dog saved the child instead of hurting it.
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