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There's some interesting things you can notice about this ranking. Take #1 for example, Hawaii. You know where most americans don't live? Hawaii. But it is a place where people vacation. What that says to me is, people have positive impressions about Hawaii because they're not there all the time. In fact, I've known people who lived there, but then moved and did not stay. (and that person said the Night Life is not good) I'm not saying it's a bad state or anything - just how people are using specific context to say how great it is. Me being from Louisiana, I think its understandable for it to be right in the middle. The food here is pretty insane (you pretty much have every ethnicity and it's all good). But Louisiana can be a little "backwards" and "behind the times" on social issues and technology. Of course that depends who you are. Louisiana in the middle seems about right. Another thing I wanted to comment on is Alabama. I feel like there's a specific bias at play here. I've spent time in Alabama many times, and I can tell you the people are incredibly nice. Another thing is that it's pretty much paradise for anyone who enjoys fishing, camping - anything rural. Sure, the places I stayed had terrible internet. And where my grandparents lived - fedex couldn't even find their house. But as far as piece of mind - probably the least stressful place I've ever been. Just endless , serene landscapes far as the eye can see. Anyway..
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Banksy virtue signals to sell overpriced, pretentious, virtue signally, art projects to people with too much disposable income. He's done it for years and years, and nothing has changed for the better. Change my mind. - That being said, I like some of his art. :)
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