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You might have a point in that. I mean, it's normal to have children accompanying their parents in the past. We can also say that they might have started apprenticeship at a very young age.
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It's so hard to see the "before" pictures but so gratifying when you see what happens when someone loves and cares for them.
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All too many were built on land that became more valuable for other purposes. They were great for a family. The kids never seemed to mind being in the back seat as they were provided with plenty of popcorn, soda, blankets and pillows.
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It's kinda sad that the Drive-In died. Partially it is the fault of the way cars are designed today. We don't have those same expansive views that older cars had and the bucket seat also did away with a lot of the utility of the front seat in watching movies.
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This will also be evidence against the way my kids wash dishes, wiping them one at a time with a soapy cloth, with the water running constantly. I run enough water to cover the dishes in the sink and squirt soap in, letting them soak for a little while as I wash. My way uses less soap and water, and now I know for sure that it gets the dishes cleaner!
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What's also amazing is how the members of a flock can make flight maneuvers and not bump into each other. Just wild to watch.
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