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I won't eat onions if I can see them in my food. A food blender is perfect for me because I can pulverise the veggies into a smooth sauce to eat. That said, I really like onion rings in batter not bread crumbs. I just pull out the onion and toss it away and I enjoy the crispy batter. Bread crumbs? Nah. I'll take a decent beer batter for my onion rings.
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Since this was posted, the queen is suddenly in the news. She is at Balmoral in Scotland, and is "under medical supervision." That could mean anything, but all her children have dropped everything to be with her. Even Harry and Meghan are on their way. This means something.
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Many womens' bodies were never recovered, as, with the heavy clothing of the day, they went straight to the bottom. often clutching their children. Contemporary news reports indicate that the water was so foul that many victims were struck unconscious by the smell and contact, upon which they then drowned. One of the future victims of Jack the Ripper was said to have been a survivor of the disaster. The Princess Alice was named for Queen Victoria's youngest daughter.
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I don't know that I consider Starbucks to be "fast food"...more like fast coffee. Their food isn't made there in any's all pre-prepped and packaged. All they do is toss it a microwave and stick in another bag. I've only been to Chic-fil-A once- my son was terribly sick and it was the only place nearby that was open for me to get him chicken. The order took forever, and when I looked it was entirely wrong. Fast food joints, as the commenter above suggested, are only as good as their employees
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Does it have a little tinkling children's tune to lure people to it like the old ice cream trucks used to do? If they want it to succeed they had better do it, IMO.
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