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That said, I don't think there's much anyone can do to effect real change via art, but we are all able to use the platforms we do have to at least provide social commentary on a given topic.
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How to talk to conspiracy theorists: Step 1:Agree. Step 2: Walk away. If they pursue and want to talk more, Step 3: Tell them to go away because they should not talk about this sort of thing in public. .
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They're ranked #1 and #2 and had nothing to play for in this particular game. In sports parlance, they tanked. Given the emotional stress of a real game, I thought it was awesome and a great way to (not) play that game.
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A quick review did not show their methodology, so I do not know if these statistics include shared experiences like phone and gaming in time spent with others. As well, does it exclude sleeping? how does it handle deceased partners?
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Best anyways for water conservation. But... baths are kind of gross. Stewing a tub of my own filth vs. a shower... I'll take a shower any day (which I do, stank you very much).
Renovating a house at the moment that had a cast iron tub. Nothing nice or worth restoring, or I would have. Had to take an angle grinder and cut it into 6 pieces so that I could move it. Even then, each piece was ridiculously heavy. No wonder the floor sagged under it.
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