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Everything is designed like this. Every wondered why Dairy is put at the back of a grocery? They force you to walk through candy or bakery to get to the dairy. They know you always need dairy so you will do it.
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Not sure how I feel about this. The ad assumes some significant portion of young kids are looking at porn at young age. I definitely didn't. And I wouldn't appreciate ads on TV exposing my kids to the idea of porn in the form of a PSA. It's like filling up television with ads saying "hey kids don't get into beastiality ok?" Well if the PSA ads were never made, the kids probably would've never even been exposed to that. Or even had the idea of it. I duno.
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I'm either insane, or this problem could've easily been taken care of Year1 by this guy. There can't be that many local pizza places near him - just have them write down his number and let them know whats going on. Or get a number change. I duno, something weird about this story.
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