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Something I find interesting/disturbing related to this topic: The weird biases we put on mice experiments. For example, the infamous "Mouse Utopia" experiment. The question you have to ask yourself "Who decided this was a utopia for mice?". You setup this weird enclosure (not a natural habitat for mice at all), gave them the food and water that *you* think they would prefer, and then drew conclusions. In nature, mice would spread out if they were breeding a lot. In nature, they would eat different food and at different frequencies. So no, it wasn't a "Mouse Utopia that Went Wrong". It was "an artificial, insane experiment based on the ego of the human who designed it". Just look at the picture I attached. Does that look like Utopia, Paradise? Or does it look like man-made Hell?
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I feel like the truth falls somewhere in the middle when it comes to things like this. Is there a long history of real conspiracies, either by individuals or governments, against its own people? Sure. But that's where the problem lies. Because people can point to the past, or patterns, they start thinking "conspiracy" is the vehicle by which everything travels. I feel like everyone has at least some conspiracy theories they believe in, most of which won't lead to harming anyone. At least not directly or intentionally. So I usually just let people believe what they want. Unless I want to engage for entertainment purposes. Also I don't believe in Free Will so, I have no reason to persuade you from your theories.
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