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Look here's just a little 37 second video that I thought you might enjoy. Don't go knocking Miss C for bringing the level of this Blog down. She didn't. Not happy? just leave. No contracts are signed to access this site.

In addition, I was the one who asked if this could be posted because of my previous involvment as an editor to this great site.

I decide not to contribute anymore because of the constant negativity and childish comments...I can clearly see that nothing has changed.

That being said, thanks to both Alex and Miss C for having a sense of humour.
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That guy is all over the map...but man he's fascinating. I would love to attend one of his lectures.

...and thank you Briannana for saying that. You hit the hammer right on the nail.
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@ violet

You stated:
"I’ve never seen the “thanks for ruining my day” people on other blogs"

That's why I don't post here anymore. Too many crybabies. Some people just don't grasp the idea that if you don't like the subject, don't click on the link and yet the still do and whine about it.
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Thanks Ando for the update. Humm... I'll have to research this. It's obvious that you know what you're talking about because I live in Ottawa, and it's true what you say about prices from Ottawa to Mtl. What a rip off.
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Who gives a crap if it has a political message. You're currently in an election right now and it's a fact.

Lighten up will ya? and just enjoy the posts!!
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