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I love this idea! There are plenty of rotten people in this world but there are more decent people, of that I'm sure.

As far as the negative aspects of Mother Teresa's legacy, I think the good she did should continue to be an inspiration.
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Another fascinating find, Miss Cellania!

The Great Escape is one of my favorite films (even though they took a lot of liberties with the truth). The story of this prison & escape would sure make an interesting film.
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I'm not so sure Tony Kaye is a genius but he sure sounds like he's got serious mental or emotional issues.

I never knew Crumb killed off poor old Fritz but it's certainly better than taking his revenge on Bakshi. There's an excellent documentary about Crumb called Crumb.
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Welcome home - someone's naughty dog ran away & the neighbor who found him just called you up & this is what you tell him. And you're so darned grateful, you wanted to commemorate the conversation in icing!

But seriously, Miss Cellania if you pick up a cake with a crazy typo, it's such a great conversation piece & sure to be a source of amusement for all the guests for years to come. Sounds like fun to me! (Unless it's a solemn occasion & the typo is hurtful.)

Now, now Miss Cellania if you
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I seriously wonder why so many people have 'cutesy' wedding themes. I suspect most of them are way too immature to have successful marriages let alone raise children.

I'd love to know what the guests say when they leave & discuss the spectacle they've just seen?
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Me three, Jay.

This Pope has the capacity to touch the human heart. I hope he's around for many, many years because I think tolerant religious leaders are desperately needed.
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I was reluctant to click on the video thinking it wouldn't be very interesting but WOW! I loved it.

It would have been cool if they started the video with a gong & then the band came out & said, 'You rang?" & launched into the song.
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I think the lady who took her aside finally resolved the problem & there was no penalty fees. They verified she had insurance & there was a lapse.

The original high fees were probably because she drove for X-number of days when DMV believed she wasn't covered by insurance. In order to get her driving privileges restored she had to either pay a huge fee OR turn over her plates for the same number of days she was (considered) uninsured.

But cool story... arriving on horseback with her trusty dog!
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