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Did I read that right? An official body in the U.K. is complaining about surveillance?
I thought they really liked that kind of thing.

I suppose perhaps this is another case of "taking pictures = terrorism", though, which might explain it...
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I just blogged this myself[1]. The short version: Yes, it is essentially just a (dilute) bleach-and-lye generator, and the "electrolyzed water" crap is pure marketing hype, but after you shovel the pile of steaming Marketing off, the device actually does do something useful. Because the bleach side of the output is acidic it likely is more effective as a disinfectant than the same concentration of (very alkaline) bottled bleach - also less stable, which is why you have to generate it and use it rather than bottling it for later.

[1] http://www.bigroom.org/wordpress/?p=368
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Hops is merely bacteriostatic (it inhibits bacterial growth, but doesn't KILL bacteria). Also, it only seems to work on members of the phylum Firmicutes ("Gram-positive"). It does nothing against critters like "E.coli" - or Acetobacter and Gluconobacter (vinegar bacteria), for that matter.

Hops is still useful though, since a major pest in beers (other than lambics!) is lactic-acid producing bacteria (Lactobacillus, Pediococcus, etc.), which are members of the phylum Firmicutes.

E.coli and such are inhibited more by the alcohol rather than the hops.

(There, you all have your US RDA of Useless Knowledge™ now...)
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Too bad it's probably grossly overpriced - I find myself thinking "NUTS to the children, can I use this on myself (on purpose, obviously) for recording GPS tracks when I wander around?"
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Unfortunately, these don't appear to be quantitative - only "more than about 20mg of caffeine/6oz" or "less than...".

Since Caffeine is my Friend, I would love a more quantitative version of these. "Does this so-called 'energy drink' actually contain a decent amount of caffeine, or is it cheap, dilute, mass-market crap?"
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I don't know about that - for me at least, exercise really is the only effective weight-loss method. In particular, frequent strength-training exercise. I'm not entirely sure why.

I would have to agree that mere "calorie counting" is a gross and misleading oversimplification though. Human metabolism seems to be a mind-blowingly complicated process.
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