Caffeine Test Strips

D+Caf strips are strips of paper coated with antibodies that react to the presence of caffeine. Strangely, these appear to be made to help people avoid caffeinated drinks -- a desire that I simply cannot fathom. But if you're interested, for 50 cents a strip, you can avoid the pleasures of real coffee.

Link via Geekologie

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Not so hard to fathom - I drank multiple cups of super-high-octane every day for many years. But one gets a little older, the metabolism changes, and suddenly caffeine becomes poisonous. what a shame!
So thanks for finding this excellent defensive product.
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These test strips are a great idea, particularly since caffeine intoxication is becoming a serious health concern. Beverage, food and pharmaceuticals have higher and higher amounts of caffeine as an ingredient. Candy bars and gum even have caffeine. Most people have no idea just how much caffeine they consume daily. For example, Starbucks coffee has 50 percent more caffeine than home-brew.

There's a good article on Caffeine Facts on the Ethic Soup blog at:

And if the serious aspects of caffeine get to you,lighten up and read a really funny article on "25 reasons you know you've had too much caffeine at:

Sharon McEachern
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Unfortunately, these don't appear to be quantitative - only "more than about 20mg of caffeine/6oz" or "less than...".

Since Caffeine is my Friend, I would love a more quantitative version of these. "Does this so-called 'energy drink' actually contain a decent amount of caffeine, or is it cheap, dilute, mass-market crap?"
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I can think of good reasons for this, actually. Say you want a latte at 8pm and you want it decaf-- these would be great. Or, if you abstain from caffeine (I think Mormons do). Or, if it gives you headaches. Or...

But I do love, just LOVE, my caffeine in the morning. :)
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