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These are the type of town names that never need to be changed. I agree with the person that said they'd make a fortune selling little street signs. I'm sure I'm not the only one that would buy one.
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I think this is a justifiable lawsuit. Troubled though it may be, the airline industry has really forgotten the people that butter its bread. Flying is no longer a fun part of the vacation so much as it's a necessary evil in which you are forced to deal with some of the most appalling customer service at every level. And most of the time, there's nothing you can do about it when they mess up. If they are going to charge you for the pleasure of having a change of clothes at your destination, then they need to start actually getting that baggage to where it's going. It's the least they can do. Hopefully, this lawsuit will wake some people up.
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I've been called worse by better. As for kicking bums out of the park, as long as they aren't doing anything illegal, they can stay right there for all I care. If they start busting into someone else's property and trying to capitalize off of someone else's things, then I'm all for throwing them in the can for as long as the law allows. If that's evil and heartless, then I am proud to be evil and heartless.

I'm sure you consider yourself some sort of caring individual, but you really aren't. What about the property owner, or as one person mentioned, others that actually do pay for a liquor license? Oh yeah, they're not "renegades" or "innovators". Give me a break. If you want to stick it to the man, there are better ways to do it that don't involve breaking and entering.

Squatters are trash, and this guy took it to a whole new level making him less than trash. If that's what you want to hold up as a standard, then you are no better than he is.
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I tried it and have to agree that the program is frustrating. I didn't even get as far as using it because even with the ability to modify, it didn't really pick up on the writing very well. Mind you, I did it twice, my scanner is brand new, I used a high resolution, and have very neat handwriting. Maybe I did something wrong, which is not at all out of the realm of possibility, but after about an hour of fiddling with it, I gave up.
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