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My dogs are perfect little flowers *coughsputter&trytokeepastraightface*, but I have a friend whose Great Dane chewed up a couch. All that was left was a lot of stuffing and a frame. It took about an hour for him too.
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The clip doesn't sound like much, but this sort of technology is fascinating, and the better it gets, the cooler it will be. I will be more impressed in about a decade when the technology is improved.
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There is no excuse for that. That is out and out animal abuse. That cat is going to die well before its time. Why do people insist on glorifying the "fat cat"? It's disgusting and cruel.
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I despise intrusive ads. I hate the buzzing mosquito one, and I hate the ones that drop down on half of the website if you accidentally roll over it with a mouse. I avoid websites with annoying ads, and I avoid products that advertise in annoying ways. I run like hell from the hard sell.

I TiVO things for the luxury of not having to mute commercials and wait for them to be over.

That said, I don't think that adblocking is akin to stealing. As a viewer/consumer, I have a choice, and my choice is to not be bombarded with advertisement when I just want to read a web site.
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