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It really does depend on who your troop leader was. I was in about three different troops throughout the years that I was a Brownie and Girl Scout.. Sometimes they would ask us what activity or badge we would like to try next, but I did notice that one leader would always choose "girly" things to do and was rather strict. The others would let some of the girls bring their little brothers to over night trips.
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I remember "Babs" from Tiny Toons saying "Get with the 90's man!" and thinking, "Yeah, old people, get with the 90's", and now we've got hipsters stealing the old technology from the 80's. I feel old.
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That is so cute, and sweet of the guy to just let them investigate him. I have heard though that if the ground isn't soft enough (i.e. pavement, etc.) they can't spray.
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Seeing people smoking in the mall reminds me how it used to be allowed. Try that today and you'd have an angry mob on your tail. Same goes for the mullets.
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