Political Polls Have Gotten Kind of Weird Lately

Usually political polls are limited to feeling out how voters feel about candidates or controversial issues, but this year there have been some particuarly strange polls. For one, the New York Times polled Republicans to discover that nearly 20 percent of Trump's supporters were against the Emancipation Proclamation. 

Even stranger, around 38% of Florida voters said that they think Ted Cruz could be the Zodiac Killer (10% of those believe he is). This is in spite of the fact that Cruz was born in 1970 and the Zodiac Killer was active in 1978.

These may be some strange polling topics, but I think you Neatorama readers could come up with better ones. What would you want to ask voters?

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I think it would be a significant number. For one thing, an amazing number of Americans can't tell one Middle Eastern country from another.

The second thing is the way poll questions are worded, because how you ask can be leading. If you asked "What nation is most responsible for 9/11?" you'll get a variety of answers (because people can't tell one Middle Eastern country from another). If you ask "Do you think that Iraq is responsible for 9/11?" you'll get folks who knee-jerk a "yes" and then some people who think, "Well I never thought of it that way, but now that you bring it up, yes."
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I would believe that about Trump supporters, except that 38% of them also said they wish the South won the Civil War and 29% said whites were a superior race. Given those stats, I imagine many of them really do believe slavery should still exist.
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'Ted Cruz is the Zodiac Killer" is a joke, I really doubt anyone legitimately believes it. It's just fun to give a nonsense vote in an inconsequential poll.
Though I'm guessing the Trump voters just don't know what the emancipation proclamation even is lol
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I'll wager that there are those who think 911 had nothing to do with radical Islam. Yes, all too many folks who vote are not really very intelligent. Let's face it, Abe Lincoln could not get elected today.
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