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I'm sure children everywhere have enjoyed the annoyance of "croaky voicing" . You just sort of rattle your vocal chords around in a parent annoying fashion, you all did this right?

On a more serious note, as a long-time electronic musician/producer the mics and technology here are pretty weird. I assume the mic is an SM58, a pretty standard vocal mic for singers. Its sensitivity drops off massively below about 150hz at 40hz it is ten times less sensitive. At 0.3 hz ... it frankly doesn't go there.

To do that you would need a very large diaphragm microphone, in fact, when recording the fundamental frequency of bass drums audio engineers often use loudspeakers wired up (in reverse) as a microphone, because the low frequency is of such a long wavelength that a very large surface is required to capture it.

Its a whole different matter to 'croaky voice' a click twice a second and have a chest which acts as a resonant body for that. I have to say : that's not really a fundamental sine wave of 0.3 hz, it is an impulse every 0.3 seconds.

Different thing

Sorry, I know only geeks will read that. But it bugged me.
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Damn, all through my childhood I avoided touching mercury because adults told me how deadly it was.

I'm off to the mercury shop right now!
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Seems pretty senseless, we geek the meme even then ... they sell very few.
Me, my tender belfry stresses, tested when he expresses per these steps!
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I had a cat when I was a kid just like this. blue and green eyes, white fur.It was frightening and absolutely deadly, all the local dogs were mortally afraid of it.

It's fur was like a yard brush, not that anyone would stroke it because it would keep their hand to chew on later.

That cat lived for about 25 years
a great cat that was.
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