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Andrej is my all time favourite model. He was the first man to ever model lingere - they used him as a push-up bra model and he pulled it off despite having no natural cleavage. Miraculously he looks great in women's AND men's clothes, although I must say he I like to see him in women's clothes even better. His cover for Out magazine was SPECTACULAR. It's rare for an androgyne to gather so much fame. Much love Andrej.
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Yeah, we have tons of them in Toronto. There's one at Queen's Quay that's pretty cool. I saw one of them in a sports store once. I played virtual soccer with a little boy there.
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My cousin was severely stung by a jellyfish on vacation once and she can attest to the fact that urine does not soothe the pain. She had two different men pee on her as she went into shock...
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I'm pretty sure these codes are only known by people who hang out in weird chatrooms and stuff...I've only heard of #3 (PIR = parent in room). #5: GYPO (get your pants off?) is not to be confused with GPOY (gratutious picture of yourself...used to caption a picture of someone/thing else that matches your personality/mood)
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I'm surprised Toronto did this...it is so un-Canadian. Then again the Ontario school board is being very harsh this year. Just this year at my high school they banned most foods and drinks and created a new "healthier" menu. Also bake sales have been outlawed.
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My mom stayed here with a bunch of friends for her fortieth birthday. Everything really is made of ice - ice beds, ice fireplaces, ice bar, ice toilets...they said it was the most hellish sleepover of their lives and they joke about the experience to this day (10 years later). Apparently you can also just take a tour of the hotel and have some drinks in the bar without staying over. If you are going to have a few drinks, I don't suggest sleeping over there. :)
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In Toronto we've had the BIXI bike system for quite sometime. At all the major corners downtown there are stations where you can rent a bike for the day. A lot cheaper than taking a cab.
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PostSecret: Extraordinary Confessions from Ordinary Lives.

I love the postsecret books. I have been following the website for years, have written in the books, bought some, read them all.

If I am fortunate enough to receive the postsecret book I think I will get strangers to write their secrets in it.
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And in regards to allergies - they took one girl's egg allergy so seriously in 2nd grade that whenever someone was accused of eating products containing eggs they would be sent home. The girl soon realized that she could ruin school for whoever she was mad at simply by accusing them of eating eggs constantly.
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When I was in elementary school (not too long ago)...

- the principal banned running at recess because it caused too many accidents
- the principal sent my friend to the office because she hugged me and this was a "hands off school" (I am a girl)
- after the third grade (age 9) you were no longer allowed to play on the playground because you were "too old" and it "posed a hazard"
- you were only allowed be on the back field if you were playing an "organized game". Any game other than football or soccer was deemed "unorganized" (ie. tag, hide and seek, catch)
- if it snowed enough we weren't allowed to play in it. We had to stay on the concrete where it was plowed
- "Healthy Eating Month" always started in November, so the day after Halloween teachers would critize your lunch for the "amount of calories it had". Some lunches would be thrown in the garbage if deemed too unhealthy.
- no discussion of faith or religion was allowed between students and teachers, and teachers were not allowed to talk about their personal beliefs

Now that I am in high school:

We have twice yearly "lock down" drills where we all hide in a corner, tape up windows, turn off all the lights, and sit without talking for half an hour, sometimes behind a shelter of desks. This is to prepare us for gun or bomb threats.

All this from a little town in Southern Ontario.
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