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Another point is that kids tell me that text conversations actually never end because it is "impolite" not to respond, so one word messages will go back and forth for literally DAYS on end.
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I am a 15 year old without a cell phone, and my brother and sister who are 14 and 17 respectively don't own one either. I actually am very happy that I don't own a phone because all my friends tell me that it is a waste of both money and time to hate having to constantly attend to your friends' every need (for example, "what's up?" and "I'm bored") I feel like my generation grows up believing that they are the most important people in the world. It really makes me sick that when kids post a facebook status or tweet (which I also don't participate in), they assume all their 458 "friends" drop everything and run to their computers to absorb the full effect of their "going to the orthodontist" message.

I've had a lot of discussion about this, and a large number of my peers tell me that cell phones are their teddy bears. Some kids I know start uncontrollably sobbing or hyperventilating if they are seperated from their phone for longer than 15 minutes. I even know kids whose cell phones MUST be in their view AT ALL TIMES or they threaten with law suits and violence. I am surprised that the average number of texts per day is only 100. I would expect at least 200 for the kids at my school anyways.
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Thankfully in Canada we have more Subways than McDonald's. And you're never more than 5 steps from a Tim Horton's! Mmmmmm.
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I have never been to any Disney Parks because I live in Canada, and I'm 14, but I'm a huge Mary Blair fan. By all means, they can renovate the ride, make it safer, fix all the bugs. But PLEASE stick to the original Mary Blair artwork. Don't kill the ride by putting in "Horray for USA" and selling Disney characters through it. If there is only going to be one pure, non-commercially influenced, wholesome, multicultural aspect of the park, I think they can afford to keep It's a Small World as magical as it is.
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