In the Contiguous United States, You're Never More Than 115 Miles away from a McDonald's

Stephen Von Worley created the above map of all McDonald's locations in the 48 contiguous states. A spot in northwestern Nevada is the most McDonald's-free on the map. It's the McFarthest spot (to use Von Worley's term) at 115 miles to the nearest McDonald's restaurant. You can read about Von Worley's discovery here, or about his subsequent pilgrimage to that location here. Von Worley brought McDonald's food with him.

via Ace of Spades HQ

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I am American, and I hate McDonalds. And fat people are inferior because they lack such a basic amount of self respect that they don't even bother to put better food than McDonald's in themselves.
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Wow. I'm not American, not fat, and I don't operate a meth lab in a trailer park.

I'm just not bitter or hateful towards the USA.

Go figure.
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Don't know why people try insulting Americans over fast food. Every country I've ever visited has fast food of some kind, even if it's not national chains of them.

Many people I know have found themselves in far away places, unable to stomach the local food (food poisoning, etc) and have seen a McDonald's and known they had found at least one meal they would eat with no worry.

Heck, even the Romans loved fast food. We didn't invent it.

As for fat Americans, well, why does that bother YOU, someone who is not American and, I suppose, not fat? It's our problem. And if you think being fat makes you somehow inferior, I'd like to hear your reasoning as to why that is so.
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