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The right hand is holding the feather dealie, and the left holds a camera. Unless the person moving the feather has. Head set three feet left of the center point between the two hands, I don't get it...
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He's probably going to have a hard time getting back in to Egypt or anywhere else now that he is labeled himself as a rebel...
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It won't be long before psychiatrists are dragged through the streets and hung from tree limbs or at the very least laughed at and shunned by society.
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It's bad enough that parents, guardians, and state run facilities drug the nations children with powerful mind altering drugs that can and do kill children, but now the characters from the books these children enjoy are being diagnosed and recommended drugs...

Get the facts behind psych meds: cchr dot org
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I bet he could have sold the vacuum for more than he got out of the washing machine.

Criminals are so frigging stupid. Otherwise they'd be decent human beings that could pay their ways through life...
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What about the technology to produce the Great Pyramid of Giza, and other huge stone structures? There are absolutely no descriptions of how they were made, only modern theories. There's a technology that is lost.
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I can smell the urine now.

To the pathetic individual who thinks you need a college degree to compete in the corporate world: I already said it, You are pathetic.

How the heck does anyone clean the urine and feces from a slide anyhow?
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