Anonymous Plans To Take On A Mexican Drug Cartel

Anonymous is getting ready for the biggest fight of their group's history, ramping up to take on a Mexican drug cartel after one of their own was kidnapped by the drug lords.
The Zetas are one of the biggest players in Mexico's drug war, which has resulted in about 40,000 deaths since 2006. Earlier this month, a YouTube video showed a man in a Guy Fawkes mask who claimed to speak for Anonymous warning the Zetas that the collective would reveal the names of people who had aided the cartel, including taxi drivers, police officers and journalists, if a kidnapped member of Anonymous weren't released.

Now that's a cause we can all get behind.


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It's not the first time other groups have pretended to be Anonymous, see:
'Invade Wall Street': Occupy Wall Street's Evil (And Probably Fake) Twin.

Mexico: Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt over Anonymous' #OpCartel

(Sorry for the split comment but it wouldn't go through otherwise.)
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Anybody can call themselves Anonymous.
I don't see any mention of this in their latest press releases.
(Though of course even the validity of those can be questioned as well.)
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Actually Wordygrrl, I live in a border city and I know just how bad the violence is already. That's why I would love to see people take a stand against the cartels. The government and police in Mexico sure haven't done anything to stop them.
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The Mexican drug cartels will ignore them until they start to have an effect on profits. And then they will send out little "mice" to kill them off. And then border violence accelerates, etc.

But those of you not living in a border state don't have to worry about that. It's basically another "OMG, something shocking is happening in a place where someone else lives!" kinda story.
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