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It's more often later in life that non-meat eaters choose, for various reasons, to cease consuming meat. So seeking vegetarian approximates of familiar dishes shouldn't seem that absurd...
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Dogs have been domesticated for thousands of years. Whales on the other hand are taken from their home and forced into a confined space, made to learn tricks in exchange for food, and exploited for our entertainment. So I don't equate the two. The question really comes down to zoos in general, mass captivity. There are many arguments for and against... I feel that zoos are pivotal in establishing a connection with the diverse species we share the planet with. It is up to the individual to take what they will from the experience, and do what they will accordingly.

At our Metro Zoo here in Toronto for example, there is a campaign underway supported by city councilors and the public to move aging elephants down south to a retirement sanctuary, in light of the deaths of 4 elephants within the past 4 years or so. They aren't meant to live in this climate, and the public is willing to forgo gawking rights for the well-being of these awesome mammals. Bob Barker is even willing to pay the 100s of thousand$ to move them! Now if only the zoo management would just let it happen...
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Well apparently there were 15 other independent security companies working alongside police in Oakland on Tues night - maybe some of those thugs relieve the NYPD and take a shift on Wall Street. Should smooth things over nicely.
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That's a lame perspective and opinion, Ziggy. There's good art and there's bad art. There are good artist statements and bad artist statements. Sometimes the art and the statement don't match up well; some artists are better writers than producers of work & vice versa. And the 'legitimization' of any art or artist rests in ones personal tastes. Beyond that there is academia/the industry/circles of this & that etc. to wade through, which is a whole other long-winded and ultimately fruitless (but fun!) discussion with no 'right' or 'wrong' conclusion.
If that's truly your opinion on 'art' then you're likely just cheating yourself.
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This looks like the Calgary Zoo, I was there in the summer and saw a young girl giraffe. She was rascally, and shared habitat with Ostriches as well as Zebras. I could be wrong tho!
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