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Nice but they might need a lawyer:

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He stands by his decision. It was dangerous, a threat to the nation, to innocent people and to the idea of freedom. It had to be eliminated....and we suspect it was harboring terrorists, concealing WMD and was a key member of Al Qaida, Al Bundy, Al Pacino and Al Capone, a founding member of the Axis of Evil.
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Good stuff Nihil, really interesting and insightful - thanks! I never knew about the eastern types of emoticons. I did know about the fact Russians don't react well to people who smile for little or no reason and that Americans seems crazy to them.....to be fair to Russians though, Americans seem crazy to most people who are not themselves American and also to a good proportion of actual other Americans.
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I just don't understand how American Christianity has managed to get such a bad name when you see such pious, humble, reverential servants of the Lord such as Pastor Joe Nelms?
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It may not be slavery but it is slave labour in the same way we describe the ultra low paid wages paid to workers in the factories in India, China etc. I have to ask, just because you are in prison, why should it be legal to work for less (much less) than minimum wage? I agree that prisoners should work, but not for less than minimum wage. Have them all do jobs, pay them a proper and then make them pay their way insofar as rent and food etc.

You may also want to research of the scandals in certain counties were they have private prisons who have worked in cahoots with corrupt courts, imprisoned countless of innocent individuals, for the sole purpose of feeding the prison workforce, so they can fulfil larger and larger orders.

Did you know, that 1 in every 4 people who are in prison around the world, are in prison in the USA. No other is even close to locking up its people in the same way the good ole, land of the 'free' USA likes to lock up its citizens. Why is that?
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It's a very moving article. Makes you think how fickle life is and how lucky we are, just to have our health. I love to hear of the bravery of those that are near death, it's humbling and strengthening all at once. Also, the love acted upon by the people involved in making this happen for the girl is awesome.
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It's smaller and lighter than a motorbike and I don't remember ever seeing a motorbike with a trailer? Also, when was the last remote control motorbike you ever saw. This thing has got plenty of military I'm sure.

But forget all that, I would love to zip around London on one of these, dodging all the commuter traffic would be awesome.....I really want one of these. I hope they make road legal versions too. I wonder if the could get a tax disc?
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They are a nice find and I do like them but the thing that I find most striking is that I find them not revealing "a world long since disappeared" but revealing how the little things have actually changed.

Excursions are still advertised by various coach and river cruise services, theatres still promote the latest shows, and cinemas promote their films. You will still see toothpaste or other posters for various health products. You will still see ads for car rentals (didn't know they had them then to be fair) and small ads publishers still promote themselves with Gumtree being the current flavour. The Ideal Home Exhibition is still running and it's still at the Olympia and you will still see the Science Museum telling us about their latest exhibition.
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Why they're claiming the eyes are 'camera lenses' i don't know, they look nothing like a camera's lens at all. They simply look like a big single eye. I don't know what to make of the London taxi symbolism either, my first instinct when I saw them is that the one on the left had a pyramid on its head with an all seeing eye. I don't know what that's about.
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Agree with 1,2 and 3. I'm thinking 4 is being sarcastic? If so, I agree with 4 also.

Please neato people, stop posting this type of crap. I'm used to the good quality interesting stuff you normally offer us. Slices of dead pig reformed into a skinned, dead, deformed dog with club feet, standing, rotting in the sun just doesn't do it for me. In truth, I worry about those that it does do it for.
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RE: Belle and Lochi Tie the knot.

Curious about the diablo hand sign they're doing. They don't seem like heavy metal fans nor fans of the longhorns. Does anyone have any insight into the painting and/or the artist?
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Good stuff 'Figurative' and 'Kevin Joseph'. Nice to know that not all people have bought into the global warming nonsense, now known as 'Climate change' since they know that the global warming debate is being debunked and fast. But seriously, 'climate change'? If there is one thing for certain on this planet, it's that the climate changes both throughout the year, the decades, the centuries and the milleniums. How anyone is buying into the lie that humans are causing the climate to change is simply amazing.
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