List o' 10 Everyday Things You Didn't Know Are Made in Prisons

US prisons are used more and more for manufacturing. You know about license plates, but private companies also contract for prison labor to make some of the things you use every day.
The companies who employ prison labour for making dentures and other dental appliances are members of the National Association of Dental Laboratories, so they must have their workers properly trained to do the job. This may actually give a skill that could be used on the outside and keep prisoners from re-offending.

That's just one of the items on the list of Everyday Things You Didn't Know Are Made in Prisons. Link

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So the way the job market is going, pretty soon prison will be considered a viable career option. (Judging from the number of US prisoners, maybe it already is.)
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"Breaking rocks in the hot sun.
I fought the law and the law won."
You may wonder what anyone needed broken rocks for. It was for railway roadbeds. Those sharp angular bits of rock settle and grip, so they don't shake loose.
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People who insist on calling honest, no pun intended, work ''slavery'' would probably also be calling prisons ''death camps'' if there were NO work programs in existence and inmates just sat around getting brain rot. You'd say they were abandoned by society, weep, weep, weep.

Where is it written that I should produce something for you, take all the responsibilty, pay all the costs of production and distribution and then give it away? That would be stupid. Duh. I would have to stop on day one.

Trade and commerce has always been a part of human history. Stop dissing it and start thanking your lucky stars that the system works as well as it does.
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Poppajay- I definitely agree on the minimum wage thing. They should be paid a realistic wage and charged a realistic price for rent, utilites, food, toiletries, etc.
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