The Last Dance

Brett Marie Christian, 15, had leukemia and the prognosis wasn't good. She was dying, but before she died, she wanted one last dance but she was too sick to go to the Homecoming Dance. So her classmates made her last wish come true and brought the dance to her:

Palmyra High's homecoming came early this year. The dance traveled to the Monarch in Lincoln, where people go to die.

And where Brett Marie Christian, 15, crowned homecoming queen Saturday night, died, too, early Thursday with her family all around.

The girl who loved horses and softball and Facebook and cartoons and peanut butter on a spoon had leukemia. The kind that hits mostly adults and is the most dangerous, with only a 30 percent survival rate.

She was tired of fighting, her mom, Leah Buckbee, said Thursday.

There were lots of things the high school sophomore knew she'd miss. Getting married, having kids, growing old.

But she wanted one last dance.

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It's a very moving article. Makes you think how fickle life is and how lucky we are, just to have our health. I love to hear of the bravery of those that are near death, it's humbling and strengthening all at once. Also, the love acted upon by the people involved in making this happen for the girl is awesome.
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Very awkward.

I winced at the "She was tired of fighting, her mom, Leah Buckbee, said Thursday.", and was grateful they remembered to use the comma.

Read really fast, it looked like she was tired of fighting her mom.

I figure it was written by one of her peers; otherwise, it needed work.
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"The Last Dance"

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