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As I said it's a theory. Since The Hobbit is the first movie (I believe) to come out with the higher fps I don't think the jury is out on it quiet yet. I plan on seeing the film and I will be able to form a better opinion then.
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I would argue art is subjective, and that just because you don't like the aesthetic quality of some pieces of art doesn't mean that someone else won't. While there is art without meaning that tends to be rather dull, there is also art for the sake of the process and I think this particularly falls under that category. We're not talking about Manet's Olympia here but creativity should be celebrated.

That is my opinion and not everyone shares it or has to.
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A teacher of mine in high school used to talk to us all the time about this day. He is a film-phanatic and loved to talk about (strangely enough) fps. He believes somewhere between 30-40 fps the human brain can't process the images quite the same, at +40fps you won't really (or at least in theory) be able to tell the difference between a screen and real life!

On a side note I think all this talk about people getting sick in theaters is a little over-blown. I am an inherent conspiracy theorist but I would put money on it that these rumors are being spread by other production companies that don't want to switch over to 48fps. More expensive.
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Great response. I agree with the in large part with what you think. I agree that the exploration of existential nihilism is central to the movie, and that it seems scary (existential nihilism) as hell. But I don't think that is a good excuse for the ending. If he survives the ending though, doesn't that change his perception though? He could now argue that someone was looking out for him (military arriving just in time, only enough bullets for everyone but him.. ect). At the time I just felt it was a cheep shot to leave a lasting impression.. which I guess it has because I am still thinking about it.. but cheap. Some of your thoughts are forcing me to rethink the ending though.. so thanks!

Sidenote: one of my roommates does script coverage regularly and he likes what you wrote.
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He shoots everyone in the car because he is running out of gas. Kills them so they don't have to be torn to bits by alien monsters. He steps out of the car in order the to let the creatures kill him, but suddenly the mist clears and the military arrives. Mind you this is seconds after he just killed his son and everyone else in the car. SECONDS after. I hated that, what's the message there?
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Thank you for supplying me with fresh nightmare material. I was running low ever since that Mayan calendar was found disproving the 2012 theory and my roommate stopped watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians.
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Love the website, especially some of the tattoos. I do agree though, art is derivative. As Banksy says (stolen from Picasso) "The bad artists imitate, the great artists steal."

-Sidenote, With all these art-sy people reading the blog I was surprised not to get anyone commenting on the Marcel Duchamp reference!
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