Jimmy Kimmel Pranks Coffee Drinkers

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Guys, remind me to never-ever-ever trust anyone who interviews me claiming to work for Jimmy Kimmel Live. I have seen far too many people fall for his pranks, sure you would think it would be easy to tell the truth but there is the added pressure of being on television that people forget about. I know it seems far-fetched that I would ever be actually interviewed by someone working for Jimmy Kimmel Live, but I happen to live a block away from the studio and I see them doing these interviews all the time.

With that out of the way - I should probably mention that I am very conflicted about Starbucks as a brand. On one hand, I hate the idea of paying $4.00 (much less $7.00) for a cup of coffee. Coffee is coffee, right? On the other hand, I really really like the Pumpkin Spice Latte - the only redeemable quality about Starbucks in my opinion. Argh, I don't know what to believe anymore!

What are your opinions of the mega-brand coffee company?

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I'm from Costa Rica actually, and here we're heavy coffee drinkers (most of us)... and there is a big difference between the coffee qualities, and most of the time the highest quality ones are exported because, you know, people pay a lot more for the coffee outside... the thing here is that the majority of the people drinking this new expensive coffee is not tasting the difference in the quality son at the end yes, it is a waste of money.
And as a funny note we also have starbucks here and they charge about the same price for exported-imported-again coffee LOL
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This reminds me of an episode Peen & Teller B.S. They cut one banana in half and said one half was organic and the other half was grocery store. Similar reaction from people.
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