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I had the same thing happen on a whale watching tour in Maui. The mother was perpendicular to the boat and her baby swam across her nose and she lifted it completely out of the water. Obviously a proud Mama. It was a moment to remember. No caterwauling on our boat though, just gasps.
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It's a tracking device. Arnold Schwarzenegger pulled one out of his nose in Total Recall.

Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, Who's Bringing The Chips? XXL
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I grew up with Lutefisk. To be fair, the bad part is cooking it. A pot of it boiling in the kitchen could clear Slottet Palace. The texture is also kind of off-putting (think lumpy snot) but you get past that by mashing it into your mashed potatoes so you don't notice it. The taste is not so bad, in fact it has almost no taste. HeatherM is correct though, Christmas without lefse makes me shutter.

Lutefisk and lefse
Gammalost too
Dogs won't eat it
But Norwegians do.
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Although I have never tried it, I always figured if you turned the plug around on a microwave it would become a macrowave and cool things quickly. Hmmm... I have to think about this.
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Weeeeeee, I got another one. The Corn Palace in South Dakota decorates with a bunch of different types of grains, not just corn. I am a fountain of useless knowledge today.
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Oh boy, I live to wax on about one of the few pieces of trivia I know.

Being from Iowa I know that Iowa is the only state who's entire eastern and western borders are made up of rivers. Where the eastern border is the Mississippi river the western border is made up of three rivers. Iowa's border with Nebraska is the Missouri River. Iowa's border with South Dakota is the Big Sioux River. and Iowa also has a western border with Missouri which uses the Des Moines River. (The little hangey down part in the south east corner of the state.)

You would not believe how seldom I get to spout off about that. :^)
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What is up with Iowa? I think someone is gaming the system. Every poll has Iowans thinking some ridiculous crap. The next poll has 75% of Iowans saying Bing is their favorite search engine. (!?!) I don't think 75% of Microsoft employees think Bing is their favorite search engine.
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Although it seems she quit updating last February, The "Where is Bob?" blog is funny also

I want to hear another phone message from Gary. cause I also am a:
1)little c()nt
2)little queer
3)little f()ckin crook
5)little f()cking dick
6)squirrelly bipolar dick
7)motherf()cking little squirrelly dick
8)lying motherf()cker
9)f()cking queer
11)f()cking dick
13)f()cking little tiny f()cking dick
14)tiny little dick from... Fermilab (?!?)
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