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I bought this shortly after it's release. It's wild. I made my little brother watch the clip on the illegal arms markets in Afghanistan before he went over there. The guy who eats the dog is comedian David Cross (Mr. Show, Arrested Development).
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Nick want to experience a very human physical pleasure (not entirely unlike a diabetic eating something sinfully sweet) and not one person has a thing to say about those poor trampled mice... for shame.
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Ooh yeah, and don't forget the ever popular fire contact juggling! (Sorry, I've become obsessed with fire arts recently) There is also contact fire staff which amazes me though I'm not so good at it yet.

contact fire juggling

contact fire staff
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this has similarities to a very old burlesque act I have on video (1930's?). In the act, a devil head was attached to the right side close to the womans head as if whispering in her ear. The right arm and leg represented the second personality (devil) and the left side spent the best part of the act dancing with the right side and keeping stray hands from wandering.
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If the Democrats are so loose, why are the Republicans losing their rightwing Christian votes to the Democrats because of their widespread corruption and declining family values?

Oh, you meant lose.

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