Dying Man's Last Wish: a Prostitute.

From the website:

A young disabled man who receives care for his life-limiting illness at a hospice run by a nun spoke yesterday of his decision to use a prostitute to experience sex before he dies.

Sister Frances Dominica gave her support to 22-year-old Nick Wallis, who was born with Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Sufferers usually die by their thirties.

Mr Wallis told staff at the Douglas House hospice in Oxford that he wanted to experience sexual intercourse. He explained that he had hoped to form an intimate and loving relationship with a woman, but his disability had acted as a barrier.

He told The Daily Telegraph: "It was a decision two years in the making and I discussed it with my carers and my parents. Telling my mother and father was the hardest part, but in the end they gave me their support.

Link - via Liberal Avenger

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"Freedom of speech means you are going to be exposed to ideas you don't like".

Very true, Dan. I also skip the Jesus thing. I don't thing censorship against censorship is called censorship though. The Jesus thing is almost always full of blind statements.

Biltmore is right when he says "And please, if you'd like to argue about that don't bring religion into it". We know how off Christian values are in situations like this. Christianity is more about NOT being allowed to do things than it is to be human, free and do/say what you want.

Remember: this young man is taken care by a nun who doesn't seem to be against his will.
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Abstinence serves only to provide the deluded with a tangible ritual to appease God, so that they can get into his invisible clubhouse in the sky with his zombie son who killed himself so that the entirety of humanity can be forgiven for an apple eaten by a 5,000-year-dead man.

If God is all-powerful, and all-knowing, then when he created Lucifer, God knew that he would betray God and be cast from Heaven. He also knew that Satan would give the apple to Eve, who would give it to Adam. So, while he was creating Lucifer, God was fully aware that humanity would be cast from the Garden of Eden, yet he created Lucifer to do these things anyway. Being all-powerful, God could have foreseen the outcome of his creation and changed his plans, yet he didn't. So, God wants us to be tempted, and he wants some of us to fall for temptation. In fact, he knows who will and will not get into Heaven before those people are even born. So why worry about what we do, if we're destined to do it anyway?
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Rhea, prostitutes are rarely forced into their profession. You have no right to decide that no women can be prostitutes, merely because you think it's debasing to your gender.

I doubt you have any problem with paying women to be maids. In that case, women are being "used and paid for like objects". In fact, maids are more like objects than prostitutes. Maids are expected to be subservient to the person who pays them, yet prostitutes can set their own times, terms, and taboos.

Truthfully, you most likely only believe that prostitution is wrong because of your religious upbringing. Once you realize that sex is a basic, primal instinct, and not a God-given baby-making machine, you will naturally see that killing a man's temporary urge for sex is not wrong.
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