E-Voting: A Leap of Faith?

Is e-voting a leap of faith? What do you think?

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"if we can transact billions of dollars in online shopping, surely we can tackle eVoting"

Unfortunately eVoting is a much tougher technical challenge. When two people transact business over the online, they each have an incentive to keep an eye on the other. If the item or the money doesn't arrive as agreed one of them will complain. The problem with voting is that NO ONE is supposed to have a record that could trace a particular vote back to a particular voter. The concept of an "audit trail" is out the window from the start, you CANNOT build a system that makes it possible to check afterward that John Smith's vote was indeed for the Blue Party, just as he says it was supposed to be, or his privacy rights are violated.

We can't even use the Iraqi system of having people dip their fingers in indelible purple ink when they vote to make sure they don't vote again later, which I guess is because we're concerned that people might somehow be intimidated from voting if they had to let everyone know they'd done so for days afterward. One of the hangovers of the bad old days when people used various ways of suppressing African Americans from voting, I guess.
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There are some very valid points brought up here: fraud, regardless of the method of voting, can happen. But if we can transact billions of dollars in online shopping, surely we can tackle eVoting.
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I'm a poll worker. I get a key. I've held th ememory cards - they're no different than what's in your computers. What gets printed on the paper doesn't have to match what's reported on the memory cards. I've programmed computers long enough to know that.

And what gets counted by the counted machines doesn't have to match what's recorded on the memory cards, either.

All we know for sure is how many people voted, and how many ballots were counted.

I vote absentee ballot myself - on paper.
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this 'puteriZed voting stuff,,,, is crapOla.
the constitution means nothing at all,,, if the vote is tricked. every right we enjoy because of the US constitution becomes something you might want,,but not realy bet on getting.
i think when the vote is lost,,or faith that a real count is taken,,, then i hope you are armed,,because the next civil war will begin.
if anyone in power takes YOUR right to vote( same thing if the vote isnt counted) if your a patriot youll be willing to fight to get it back.

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