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Probably still not so disgusting as some of the things we eat in the west. The difference being that we are willfully ignorant of what goes into our food.
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I've heard of all sorts of methods of preventing the dead from walking. The logic behind all of them defies analysis.

My favourite being decapitating the corpse and placing the head under it's legs to stop it walking. I mean, being dead isn't enough to stop it walking. Being decapitated isn't enough either, but if you put the head behind the knees...
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The thing about digital photography (and of course photoshop) is that it make photography much cheaper than it was. What Photoshop cheap at £600 or whatever it costs these days? Yes. Compare that with stock, developing and printing costs for a prolific photographer over just one year.

But many of the sorts of disasters shown on this site are nothing new. BITD the equivalent of Photoshop was a box of Cokin filters and a hand toning kit. But in those days the cost of calling yourself a professional was much higher. Not only did you need your camera gear, you also needed a fully kitted darkroom and to buy all your consumables film, chemicals, paper, etc.

So the difference between today and a quarter of a century ago was that these deluded fools remained "talented" (ahem) amateurs rather than going into (and rapidly out of) business as a pro.

There was still the curse of the appalling wedding photographer back then. There were "schools" that allowed you to take a correspondence course as a wedding photographer and gave you a nice certificate at the end of it. They also gave you help in setting up your business and promised you loads of business in your first year. All for a substantial fee of course. It wasn't very different from the schemes you come across in many other trades. I've met several people who comissioned one of these so called professionals over the years. And every one ended up out of pocket and without any good photographs of their wedding day. Unless of course there were friends at the wedding with some aptitude for photography.
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When I first heard this story I wondered how they'd managed to use his cards. Then I wondered if maybe this was a country dumb enough to still rely on nothing more than a signature for card payments.
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I've nothing against a little subtle HDR to bring detail into highlights and shadows, but why do so many of the urbex crowd feel they have to overdo the toning so much? Guys it ain't pretty and it ain't clever and if your photography is good then you don't need it. Enough already.

Or maybe you could buy something with a Foveon sensor instead of that crappy bayer stuff, then you wouldn't need HDR.
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"it's an electric bike, not a motorcycle"

It's a cycle, powered by a motor. Unless of course you have some clever definition of the word motor that excludes an electric motor.

However as a motorcycle it's a failure simply because there probably isn't a country in the world where it would be road legal. And as art it's pretty lame because it doesn't really say anything.
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Well I once had a piece of furniture similar to that one fall on me as a child, and I got away with a little bruising.

Maybe it's fake or maybe it's real. If it's fake it's not particularly funny - a lot of trouble to go to for such a lame result. If it's not fake I don't suppose the kid under the unit thought it was funny.
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@hmm... so you're another commenter who doesn't bother to read the articles are you? From the second paragraph: "Though British engineers were familiar with stone aqueducts dating back more than 1,500 years to Roman Britain"

Try actually reading things before you start typing and you may not look so foolish.
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I suffer from this intermittently. Some days I'm fine other days any sound somebody else makes can drive me crazy and even when I know I'm being irrational it doesn't help.

There's no pattern to it either, some people try to say that it only happens when you're tired or concentrating, or that it follows some other trigger but it doesn't.

It's only recently that I discovered it's not so uncommon.
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A lot of people (US citizens) and otherwise joined in the Spanish civil war because they cared, lots more joined in because it was the cool thing to do. They were no different to that guy. The difference then was that there was no internet for sad dweebs to sit behind their keyboards and whine at them.
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