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This was a common technique on farms when I was growing up. Bantam hens were notorious for "broodiness", the propensity to incubate eggs, a trait bred out of many modern breeds.

'Banty' hens were used to hatch the eggs of full-sized chickens, ducks, geese, and guinea fowl. The hilarity that ensued when ducklings discovered their innate desire to splash in puddles befuddled many a little momma hen.

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"ethanol like alcohol"

Uh, it IS ethanol. That's "drinking" alcohol, the same ingredient that gives ALL our alcoholic beverages their kick.

And you can ferment the sap from maple trees, too, but nobody's going to call it an alternative fuel source.
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These used to be pretty standard fare for guys who left the US to go overseas for oilfield and refinery work.

I had crew of Filipino electricians in Algeria who did these as well as some spectacular belt buckles made from stainless steel instrument tubing.

Just about everybody who came back had one of these hard hats.
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It's disposable. After the rocket has been fired, the only dangerous things you can do with it is beat somebody with it or scare bejeebus out of the ignorant.

But it makes a GREAT new story...
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There's a better alternative if you desire coffee processed through a digestive system. From Brazil comes "Jacu Bird Coffee". The jacu is a bird that coexists with coffee plantations and eats ripe beans, leaving processed coffee behind, since they're harvested from plantations that grow arabica beans instead of the less desirable robustas that they feed the civets, they start off with better coffee. Better, it HASN'T been touted on CSI or whatever, it doesn't sell for astronomical prices that kopi luwak brings, and it actually is a quite good coffee. google it.

coffee nut
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