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>> The dressing alike is most likely a reaction to people who can’t believe they are sisters.


If somebody says: I can't believe you're gay should you start acting like Richard Simmons?
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This is just begging for a parody. Like people stumbling around like zombies staring into empty space bumping into each other, walking under busses etc.
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We are all so stupid! Or so these pedantic economists would want us believe.

In the mean time economies the world around are tanking and we go from one financial crisis to the next.

Infinite growth with limited resources. Yeah, VERY smart.
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>> Wonder if the idiot holding the lighter was actually trying to light the thing?

Of course he was, cat's can't use lighters and you can't smoke an unlit cigarette.
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5 Years After: Portugal's Drug Decriminalization Policy Shows Positive Results

Maybe going easy on the dealers works too, I suppose time will tell.
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Very nifty from the perspective of the movie.
But I do not understand why TED wanted to go along with this. Now the great unwashed will forever associate TED with huge corporations who pretend but in reality DO NOT have our best interests in mind.
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