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>> And if anyone is stupid enough to buy it, they should be beaten to death with sticks.

Why? What do I care what anybody else does with their money? If anything I'm amused at how some people are wasting their money.

What irritates me more about this is the fact that there are people with so much money to spare they don't even know anymore how to get rid of it and can waste it on stupid crap like this while there are people who have to work three jobs at the same time and still have trouble to make ends meet.
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In case anybody is wondering, you don't really need to be able to figure out or understand all the timelines to enjoy the movie. This charting the timelines is just geek timewasting.
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@ Mr. Awesome

Jesus Christ man, what's wrong with trying to make the place look a bit more pretty? You say the same thing about somebody with a plant in the office or home?

If the opposite of hipsters is you, I'm choosing hipsters.
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>> Does this sound like a tasty treat to you?

Not after checking Google Images for "cicada". Eeuww.

(Althoug I know it's just a psychological thing.)
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